When did Ben Hardy learn to play drums for Bohemian Rhapsody?


Hey there! Ever wondered how actors like Ben Hardy nail their roles so convincingly? Take Bohemian Rhapsody, for instance. Hardy’s performance as Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer, was spot-on. But did you know he had to pick up drumming from scratch? Let’s dive into it.

Who is Ben Hardy?

Ben Hardy is a British actor best known for roles in movies and TV shows like X-Men and EastEnders. However, it’s his role in Bohemian Rhapsody that’s got us talking today.

The Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film about the British rock band Queen. It was a box office hit, but what caught people’s eyes (or ears) was the music—especially the drumming. Ben Hardy took on the role of Roger Taylor, Queen’s iconic drummer.

The Character: Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor was not just any drummer; he was a core part of Queen’s unique sound. His drumming style was one of a kind, making it crucial for Hardy to get it just right for an authentic performance.

Why Did Ben Hardy Need to Learn Drums?

Ben Hardy didn’t know how to drum before landing this role. But if you’re going to play Roger Taylor, you better make those drumsticks dance. It was all about giving an authentic portrayal that did justice to the legendary musician.

The Learning Process

Ben took intensive drumming lessons. He practiced for hours daily, focusing on the unique drumming techniques Roger Taylor was famous for. He even had coaching sessions with professionals.

Time Invested in Learning

It took Ben about six months to get to a level where he could convincingly portray Roger Taylor on screen. A commitment? Absolutely. Worth it? The audience and critics say, “Yes!”

Challenges Faced

Learning any musical instrument isn’t easy. Drumming has its unique challenges, like coordinating both hands and feet simultaneously. It was a steep learning curve, but Ben took it head-on.

Roger Taylor’s Involvement

Roger Taylor himself was involved in the project and gave Ben Hardy some pointers. While not a formal instructor, his tips and approval were invaluable to Ben’s confidence and performance.

Comparison with Other Actors

Ben is not alone in learning new skills for a role. Actors like Christian Bale and Natalie Portman have also gone the extra mile for authenticity, making Ben’s efforts part of a proud tradition.

Ben Hardy’s Drumming Today

Even after the film wrapped, Ben continues to drum. He says the experience was so enriching, he couldn’t just leave it behind.

Audience Reaction

Fans and critics alike have praised Ben Hardy’s performance. Learning to drum not only added depth to his role but also contributed significantly to the film’s success.

Ben Hardy’s Takeaways

Ben walked away with more than just drumming skills; he gained a new passion and deeper respect for musicians. Talk about a win-win!

The In-depth Learning Process

Beyond regular drumming lessons, Ben Hardy also studied Roger Taylor’s performances closely. Video footage, interviews, and even face-to-face sessions with Taylor himself were part of the immersive learning experience. From grip techniques to drumstick twirls, Ben learned it all.

The Role of Technology

The digital age came to Ben’s aid as well. With the help of drumming software and apps, he could practice virtually, tweaking rhythms and patterns to mirror Taylor’s style more accurately. Even when he was off-set or chilling at home, his iPad became a portable drum kit.

Emotional Connection

Beyond just the physical aspect of drumming, understanding the emotional connection Roger Taylor had with his music was key. Ben spent time internalizing the energy and emotion that Taylor poured into his performances, aiming to capture not just the sound but the soul of the music.

Public Perception and Impact

The role had a broader impact on Ben Hardy’s career, elevating him from a well-known actor to a star who could handle complex roles requiring specialized skills. This transformation wasn’t just lauded by critics but also etched a permanent place for him in the hearts of Queen fans worldwide.

Role of the Supporting Cast

It wasn’t just a solo journey. The support from co-stars like Rami Malek, who played Freddie Mercury, provided the much-needed camaraderie and motivation. On-set stories suggest that there were jam sessions that helped Hardy feel part of the band, not just a character in the movie.

Real-world Performances

Ben’s newfound drumming skills weren’t limited to the silver screen. He displayed his drumming abilities in interviews and promotional events for the film, sometimes even teaming up with real musicians for impromptu performances. These events created a buzz and gave fans something more to talk about.

A Lasting Legacy

This journey has made a lasting impact on Ben’s life and career. Apart from bagging a few awards, the process enriched him as an artist and as a person. Now he has not just an additional skill but a hobby that he deeply enjoys.

Critical Acclaim

The film, as well as Ben’s portrayal of Roger Taylor, received several award nominations. His dedication to learning the drums contributed significantly to the film’s credibility and overall success.

Ultimate Takeaway

To sum it up, it’s not just about learning to play an instrument but understanding the essence of the character you’re portraying. Ben Hardy’s commitment to learning the drums for Bohemian Rhapsody showcases the lengths actors go to for the sake of art and authenticity.

The Drum Kit: A New Best Friend

An actor’s props become an extension of themselves, and for Ben Hardy, his drum kit was no exception. It wasn’t just about hitting the right notes; it was about being one with the instrument. He often mentioned in interviews that he felt a personal connection with the drum kit, making it easier to tap into Roger Taylor’s mindset.

The Family and Friends Reaction

Everyone loves a good success story, and Ben’s close circle was no different. His family and friends were initially surprised but ultimately very supportive of his endeavor. Their reactions after seeing his performance? Pure awe and a lot of proud moments.

The Power of Social Media

Believe it or not, social media played a part in Ben’s drumming journey. Fans created video compilations comparing his performances with Roger Taylor’s, further validating his hard work. Plus, these platforms served as a motivation booster; positive comments and shout-outs go a long way, you know?

The Hidden Struggles

While it all looks glamorous, there were, of course, days of frustration. Learning a complex skill like drumming while juggling filming schedules, interviews, and personal commitments wasn’t a walk in the park. But these are the moments that usually go unnoticed, hidden behind the curtain of success.

The Financial Aspect

Taking up drumming wasn’t just a time commitment but a financial one as well. High-quality drum kits, instructors, and even the maintenance of the instrument come with a price tag. Thankfully, the investment paid off, not just in the accolades but in personal satisfaction and career growth.

The Unspoken Benefits

It’s not all about the drumming. The discipline, patience, and focus required to learn an instrument like the drums have broader applications in life. Ben Hardy himself has talked about how these ‘soft skills’ have impacted him positively in his daily routines and other professional endeavors.

After the Spotlight

The drumming didn’t stop once the cameras were off. Ben has taken this newfound passion into his life, incorporating it into his daily routine. Who knows? We might even see him in a music video or another film role requiring his drumming talents!


So, when did Ben Hardy learn to play the drums for Bohemian Rhapsody? He started about six months before filming and turned into quite the convincing rockstar drummer. Whether you’re a movie buff or a Queen fan, Ben’s commitment to mastering the drums shows what it takes to nail a role.


Was the drum kit specially customized for Ben Hardy?

No, it was a standard high-quality drum kit used for professional training and filming.

How did social media react to Ben Hardy’s drumming?

Fans and enthusiasts created comparison videos and overwhelmingly positive reactions were seen across platforms.

Did Ben face any financial challenges while learning drumming?

While learning drumming was a financial commitment, it was viewed as a necessary investment for the role.

What were the hidden struggles Ben faced?

Juggling a busy schedule along with intensive drumming practice was a major hidden challenge.

Has Ben Hardy considered making music professionally?

As of now, drumming remains a passion and hobby, rather than a professional endeavor.

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