What to do on World Ballet Day?


As World Ballet Day pirouettes into our lives, it brings with it an array of opportunities to appreciate and participate in the beautiful art of ballet. It’s a day that unites ballet lovers across the globe, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences. But how can we make the most of this special day? Whether you’re a seasoned ballet professional, a student, or a ballet admirer, there are numerous ways to engage with World Ballet Day. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline a multitude of activities you can immerse yourself in to celebrate the art form that is ballet, truly making the most of World Ballet Day.

Witnessing the Spectacle: Attend a Ballet Performance

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching a live ballet performance. The elegant movements, the stirring music, the exquisite costumes, and the compelling storytelling create a magical experience that captivates audiences. World Ballet Day is an excellent occasion to attend a ballet performance, whether in person at a local theater or via an online stream. Many ballet companies, both large and small, schedule special performances to celebrate World Ballet Day, providing ample opportunities to witness the beauty of ballet.

Join the Dance: Participate in a Ballet Class

Whether you’re an experienced dancer or someone who has never taken a dance class before, World Ballet Day is the perfect opportunity to join a ballet class. Many ballet schools and studios offer special classes for World Ballet Day, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Participating in a ballet class allows you to not only witness but actively partake in the art of ballet. It gives you a deeper understanding of the discipline, precision, and grace required in ballet, offering an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Connect with the Community: Engage in Social Media Activities

The digital age has brought ballet enthusiasts closer together. On World Ballet Day, social media platforms come alive with ballet-related activities. Engaging in these activities is a wonderful way to connect with the global ballet community. Many ballet organizations run campaigns encouraging people to share their ballet stories, experiences, and appreciation posts with specific hashtags. Joining these online conversations can deepen your connection with the art form and introduce you to fellow ballet enthusiasts across the globe.

Support the Art: Donate to Ballet Organizations

World Ballet Day serves as a timely reminder of the importance of supporting ballet. Donating to ballet organizations is one meaningful way to contribute. These organizations work tirelessly to preserve and promote ballet, and they rely on the support of patrons. Donations may go towards scholarships for talented but underprivileged dancers, the creation of new ballet works, and programs aimed at increasing accessibility to ballet. On World Ballet Day, consider contributing to these organizations to support the continued development of ballet.

Spread the Word: Educate Others About Ballet

World Ballet Day also offers a platform to educate others about ballet. Consider using this day to share with your friends, family, and social media followers the beauty of ballet and the importance of supporting this art form. This could take the form of sharing ballet-related articles, hosting a discussion about a ballet performance, or even sharing your own ballet journey. Through education, we can help to foster a greater appreciation for ballet in society.

Immersion Through Literature: Read Ballet Books

For those who enjoy delving into the pages of a book, there is an impressive array of ballet-related literature to explore. Whether you prefer gripping biographies, historical texts, educational guides, or fiction set within the ballet world, there’s something for every reader. Immersing oneself in ballet literature offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of ballet’s history, its key figures, and the dedication it demands. It’s a perfect way to mark World Ballet Day, particularly for those who enjoy a quieter celebration.

Learn from the Masters: Watch Ballet Documentaries and Interviews

World Ballet Day is a splendid opportunity to learn more about ballet by watching documentaries and interviews with ballet masters. Documentaries often provide an insightful behind-the-scenes look at the rigorous training, rehearsals, and performances that define a ballet dancer’s life. Interviews can offer a glimpse into the minds of the world’s most renowned dancers and choreographers. These resources are usually rich in lessons and fascinating stories, making them a valuable addition to your World Ballet Day activities.

Create and Appreciate: Craft Ballet-Inspired Art

Art inspires art. On World Ballet Day, why not channel the beauty and grace of ballet into creating your own ballet-inspired art? This could take many forms, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, poetry, or even dance choreography. Not only does this activity allow you to express your appreciation for ballet creatively, but it also provides a way to engage children and young adults in celebrating World Ballet Day. Sharing your creations on social media can further contribute to the global celebration.

Celebrate Ballet Day with Fashion: Dress in Ballet-Inspired Attire

An enjoyable and straightforward way to commemorate World Ballet Day is to wear ballet-inspired attire. Whether it’s a pair of ballet flats, a tutu-inspired skirt, or a leotard, incorporating elements of ballet into your outfit can be a fun, personal way to honor the day. Additionally, ballet-inspired fashion is often comfortable and stylish, making it a win-win choice for the day.

Discover the Beats: Listen to Ballet Music

Ballet and music are inseparable. Famous composers like Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, and Prokofiev have composed unforgettable scores for ballets. On World Ballet Day, dedicate some time to listen to these classical masterpieces. The music not only showcases the composers’ genius but also often tells a story, helping you understand the narratives of famous ballets. Enjoying ballet music can be a serene, intimate way of honoring ballet’s rich heritage.

Reflect and Appreciate: Write About Your Ballet Experiences

Writing about your personal ballet experiences can be a cathartic and meaningful way to commemorate World Ballet Day. Whether you’re a dancer reflecting on a performance, a parent noting a child’s progress in ballet, or a ballet enthusiast describing a transformative performance, putting your thoughts and feelings into words can deepen your connection with ballet. Additionally, sharing these experiences through blogs, social media, or personal journals can help foster a sense of community and shared appreciation.


World Ballet Day provides a unique platform to appreciate and celebrate the artistry, discipline, and beauty of ballet. Whether you’re participating in a ballet class, watching a performance, creating ballet-inspired art, or even just wearing a pair of ballet flats, your engagement contributes to the worldwide celebration of this exquisite art form.

Remember, the activities listed in this guide are suggestions – there’s no prescribed way to celebrate World Ballet Day. The most important thing is to honor ballet in a way that resonates with you, contributing to a global tribute that emphasizes the relevance and longevity of ballet in our society.

As ballet continues to evolve, our ways of celebrating World Ballet Day may also change. However, one thing remains constant: our shared love and appreciation for this incredible art form. Here’s to another successful World Ballet Day, filled with grace, beauty, and ballet!


What other activities can I engage in on World Ballet Day?

Aside from the activities mentioned in this guide, you can also write a review of a ballet performance, participate in ballet-themed trivia or quiz, create a ballet-inspired menu for the day, or even plan a ballet-themed party.

How can I engage my children in World Ballet Day activities?

Many activities are suitable for children, such as creating ballet-inspired art, dressing in ballet-inspired attire, reading a children’s book about ballet, or watching a child-friendly ballet performance or animation.

How can I find ballet performances to watch on World Ballet Day?

Many ballet companies around the world schedule special performances for World Ballet Day. Check the websites or social media platforms of local ballet companies or international ones like the Royal Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, or the American Ballet Theatre.

How can I join a ballet class?

Many ballet schools and studios offer classes for beginners. On World Ballet Day, some studios might even offer free trial classes. You can find these classes through a simple Google search, or you can use platforms like ClassPass to find ballet classes near you.

How can I get my friends involved in World Ballet Day?

You could host a ballet watch party, arrange a group visit to a local ballet performance, or even organize a ballet-inspired costume party. Sharing the celebration makes World Ballet Day even more special.

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