Does Ben Hardy Do His Own Stunts in 6 Underground?


In the heart-pounding action thriller “6 Underground,” starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay, audiences were treated to a visual spectacle that left them on the edge of their seats. Among the talented cast was Ben Hardy, known for his roles in various film and television projects. One burning question that often arises in the world of action-packed movies is whether actors like Ben Hardy perform their own stunts. In this article, we’ll delve into the truth behind whether Ben Hardy took on his own stunts in “6 Underground.”

The Excitement of Stunt Performances

The Role of Stunt Doubles

In the realm of Hollywood action films, stunt doubles are often used to execute risky and physically demanding sequences. These professionals are trained to handle complex maneuvers, ensuring the safety of the actors while maintaining the authenticity of the scenes. Stunt doubles bring a unique skill set that allows filmmakers to create awe-inspiring visuals.

Actors and Their Willingness

While some actors prefer to perform their own stunts to add a personal touch to their characters, others opt for safety and rely on the expertise of stunt doubles. The decision often depends on the actor’s physical capabilities, the complexity of the stunts, and the overall production strategy.

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Ben Hardy: Behind the Scenes

Ben Hardy’s Background

Before diving into whether Ben Hardy performed his own stunts in “6 Underground,” it’s important to understand his background. Ben Hardy, an English actor, gained prominence for his role as Angel in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and Roger Taylor in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” His acting skills and physical prowess make him a compelling choice for action-packed roles.

The Stunt Inclination

Ben Hardy has shown a willingness to embrace physical challenges in his roles. He trained extensively for his part in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” where he had to portray Angel’s acrobatic and combat abilities. This showcases his dedication to embodying his characters authentically.

Unveiling the Truth: Did Ben Hardy Do His Own Stunts?

The Reality of Stunts

In “6 Underground,” the intensity of the action sequences was a central element of the film’s appeal. Explosions, car chases, and combat scenes were intricately choreographed to create a breathtaking experience. While it’s clear that Ben Hardy possesses the physical capabilities, the film industry’s standard practices often involve stunt doubles to ensure safety.

Collaboration with Stunt Professionals

To guarantee the highest level of realism and minimize risk, filmmakers often collaborate closely with experienced stunt coordinators and performers. These professionals work alongside actors, guiding them through the motions and ensuring that the stunts appear seamless on screen. Ben Hardy likely worked in tandem with such experts to achieve the film’s thrilling sequences.

The Impact on Audience Experience

Immersion Through Realism

The seamless integration of stunts and action sequences in films like “6 Underground” contributes significantly to audience engagement. When viewers witness characters performing daring feats, it enhances the overall realism and emotional investment in the story. This immersion elevates the cinematic experience, leaving a lasting impression.

Pushing Boundaries

Action-packed scenes challenge not only the characters within the story but also the creative boundaries of filmmaking. The collaboration between actors, stunt professionals, and directors results in sequences that push the limits of what’s visually possible. In “6 Underground,” the synergy between the various elements created a visual spectacle that captivated audiences.

The Dichotomy: Authenticity vs. Safety

The Authenticity Factor

The desire for authenticity in film often prompts discussions about whether actors should perform their own stunts. While audiences appreciate the dedication of actors who embrace physical challenges, it’s essential to acknowledge that filmmaking involves numerous safety considerations. The decision to use stunt doubles stems from a balance between delivering authenticity and ensuring the well-being of the cast.

The Role of Stunt Doubles

Stunt doubles possess specialized training that enables them to execute dangerous sequences with precision. Their expertise allows for stunts to appear seamless while mitigating risks. In movies like “6 Underground,” where high-octane action is a staple, the involvement of stunt doubles is integral to achieving the desired impact.

Beyond the Action: Ben Hardy’s Versatility

Diverse Acting Range

While “6 Underground” showcased Ben Hardy’s aptitude for intense action scenes, it’s important to recognize his versatility as an actor. From dramatic roles to lighthearted characters, Hardy’s ability to embody various personalities highlights his commitment to delivering compelling performances.

The Future of Ben Hardy

As Ben Hardy continues to evolve in his career, audiences can anticipate a diverse array of roles that demonstrate his acting prowess. His willingness to take on challenging characters, whether in heart-pounding action films or emotionally charged dramas, solidifies his place as a dynamic and captivating performer.

The Evolution of Action Cinema

Technological Advancements

The landscape of action cinema has evolved significantly over the years, thanks in part to technological advancements. Cutting-edge visual effects and innovative camera techniques contribute to the grandeur of action sequences. In “6 Underground,” these advancements played a crucial role in enhancing the overall spectacle of the film.

Audience Expectations

With each new action film that hits the screen, audience expectations continue to rise. Viewers anticipate heart-pounding sequences that not only challenge the characters but also provide a visceral experience. This demand for high-quality action has prompted filmmakers to push creative boundaries and deliver increasingly breathtaking scenes.

The Legacy of “6 Underground”

Cinematic Impact

“6 Underground” left an indelible mark on the action genre, in part due to its dynamic performances and exhilarating sequences. While the question of whether Ben Hardy performed his own stunts is relevant, the film’s legacy extends beyond individual contributions to encompass the collective effort of the entire cast and crew.

Inspiring Future Filmmakers

Films like “6 Underground” inspire a new generation of filmmakers, actors, and stunt professionals. The dedication and innovation displayed in such projects serve as a source of motivation for those aspiring to create their own captivating stories and action-packed visuals.

Behind the Scenes: The Art of Collaboration

Synergy on Set

The success of action films hinges on the seamless collaboration between various departments. From choreographers and stunt coordinators to directors and actors, every individual plays a vital role in bringing the action sequences to life. The synergy cultivated on set contributes to the authenticity and impact of the final product.

Creativity and Planning

Behind every explosive scene lies meticulous planning and creative ingenuity. Stunt professionals work closely with directors to conceptualize and execute sequences that align with the film’s narrative and tone. This careful balance ensures that action isn’t merely spectacle but an integral part of storytelling.

Looking Forward: Ben Hardy’s Journey

Continuing Exploration

As Ben Hardy’s career progresses, audiences can look forward to witnessing his journey as an actor. Whether he takes on more action roles or delves into entirely different genres, his commitment to his craft promises a multitude of captivating performances.

Potential Collaborations

Given his versatility and dedication, Ben Hardy is likely to collaborate with a diverse range of filmmakers and actors. These collaborations will offer fresh opportunities for him to showcase his acting range and make meaningful contributions to various cinematic narratives.

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In the world of action films like “6 Underground,” the line between actors and stunt doubles can sometimes blur, especially when it comes to intricate and dangerous sequences. While Ben Hardy’s physical prowess and dedication to his craft make him an excellent candidate for performing stunts, the film industry’s priority is always the safety of its cast. Through close collaboration with seasoned stunt professionals, the movie achieved its heart-stopping action scenes, providing audiences with an unforgettable cinematic experience.


Did Ben Hardy have any prior stunt training?

Yes, Ben Hardy had prior stunt training for roles like “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which required him to execute physically demanding maneuvers.

Were any of the dangerous stunts performed by Ben Hardy himself?

While Ben Hardy is undoubtedly capable, the nature of filmmaking often prioritizes safety. Hence, professional stunt doubles likely handled the riskier stunts.

How do filmmakers ensure actor safety during stunts?

Filmmakers employ rigorous safety protocols, including the use of stunt doubles, harnesses, and controlled environments, to minimize risks during stunts.

What other movies highlight Ben Hardy’s acting range?

Apart from “6 Underground,” Ben Hardy’s performance as Roger Taylor in “Bohemian Rhapsody” and his role in the TV series “EastEnders” showcase his versatile acting abilities.

Did Ben Hardy enjoy working on action-packed scenes?

Ben Hardy has expressed enthusiasm for challenging roles that allow him to engage in physically demanding scenes, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

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