Musician Noah Sierota: Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Quick Facts

NameNoah Sierota
BirthdayJanuary 1, 1996
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
OccupationMusician, Bassist, Songwriter
Social MediaTwitter Instagram


Noah Sierota, born on January 1, 1996, is a renowned American rock musician best known as the bassist and backing vocalist for the American indie-pop band, Echosmith. His journey, filled with hard work, perseverance, and passion, is a true inspiration for young and budding artists.

Noah Sierota musician

Early Life and Background

Born in Los Angeles, California, Noah was exposed to the vibrant music culture of the city from a young age. His parents, Linda and Jeffrey David Sierota encouraged Noah and his siblings to explore their musical interests, nurturing a creative and supportive environment at home.

Education and Upbringing

Noah was homeschooled by his parents, allowing him and his siblings, Sydney, Jamie, and Graham, to focus on their shared passion for music. This unique upbringing played a crucial role in shaping Noah’s artistic career.

Family Background

Noah comes from a talented musical family. His father, Jeffrey David, is a successful producer and songwriter, and his mother, Linda, played an instrumental role in managing Echosmith’s early career. His siblings are all members of Echosmith, making the band a true family affair.

Personal Life and Relationships

Noah tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Caroline Dirks, in August 2016. They are blessed with two children, adding joy and happiness to their life. Noah values his privacy and has managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight, focusing on his career and family.

Noah Sierota musician

Career Timeline

Noah’s music career took off in 2009 when he and his siblings formed Echosmith. The band quickly gained attention with their 2013 debut album, “Talking Dreams,” featuring the hit single “Cool Kids.” Over the years, they’ve released several albums, extended plays, and singles, with Noah’s unique bass and vocal skills contributing significantly to their success.

Major Accomplishments

Echosmith’s “Cool Kids” reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified double platinum by the RIAA, marking a significant milestone in Noah’s career. The band’s consistent success is a testament to their talent and Noah’s impactful role as a bassist and backing vocalist.

Philanthropy and Activism

Noah, along with his band, has been involved in numerous charitable causes. They’ve supported initiatives such as the “Love is Louder” movement, aimed at supporting individuals feeling mistreated, misunderstood, or alone.

Controversies and Challenges

Noah has maintained a clean image throughout his career, focusing on his music and personal growth. He has faced challenges, including the pressures of the music industry and maintaining his unique musical style, but he has managed to navigate these with grace and perseverance.


While Noah Sierota’s professional life is relatively public, details about his personal assets, including properties and possessions such as houses, cars, or other investments, are not widely publicized or readily available. Celebrities often choose to keep these details private, and Noah appears to be among them.

As such, any accurate and respectful discussion of Noah Sierota’s assets would be limited to public knowledge related to his career, such as his earnings from his music with Echosmith, live performances, and any music rights or royalties he may possess. However, without specific, credible sources, it would be inappropriate to estimate or discuss his personal assets in detail.

Net Worth

Noah Sierota, as a founding member of Echosmith, has amassed a respectable wealth throughout his musical career. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is $2 million. This estimation includes income from album sales, live performances, royalties, and other revenue sources related to his music career.

However, it’s important to note that these figures are estimated based on publicly available information and might not account for Noah’s personal spending, investments, or any other undisclosed income sources.

Here’s a rough estimate of his net worth growth over the years:

YearEstimated Net Worth
2019$1.2 Million
2020$1.4 Million
2021$1.6 Million
2022$1.8 Million
2023$2 Million

This table showcases Noah’s impressive financial growth, reflecting his enduring success in the music industry.

Noah Sierota’s career with Echosmith continues to flourish, and it is expected that his net worth will continue to grow as his career progresses.

Latest updates

As of June 2023, Noah Sierota continues to contribute to Echosmith as the band’s bassist and backing vocalist. Echosmith’s latest album, which was released in late 2022, has been well-received by fans and critics alike, bolstering their reputation as a prominent band in the indie-pop scene.

The band’s recent tours and live performances have been met with enthusiastic responses, indicating their continued popularity and relevance in the music industry.

On a personal note, Noah is enjoying his life as a husband and a father of two. He often shares glimpses of his family life on his social media accounts, reflecting his dedication to his loved ones.

Comparison and Ranking


When comparing Noah Sierota to other bassists in the same genre, he stands out due to his ability to incorporate unique rhythms and tones into Echosmith’s music. His contribution as a backing vocalist adds another layer to his talent, setting him apart from many others in his role.

Artists like Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer or Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance, while in similar roles in their respective bands, have different styles and influences, which makes a direct comparison challenging. Each musician has a unique flavor and contributes differently to their band’s overall sound.


Ranking musicians is equally challenging due to the subjectivity of the task. However, considering Echosmith’s success, especially their platinum-certified single “Cool Kids,” it’s fair to say that Noah Sierota would rank high among bassists in indie-pop bands.

In the grand scheme of the music industry, Echosmith, while having achieved notable success, is one among many bands that contribute to the richness and diversity of music. Noah, as a part of Echosmith, has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the music scene.

Noah Sierota musician


There are numerous reasons why fans and fellow musicians admire Noah Sierota, and here are a few highlights:

  1. Talented Musician: Noah’s skills as a bassist and backing vocalist have been integral to Echosmith’s success. His performances, both on recordings and on stage, showcase his technical skills and emotional depth, contributing significantly to the band’s distinctive sound.
  2. Family-Oriented: Despite his success, Noah has always prioritized his family. Whether it’s performing alongside his siblings in Echosmith or sharing glimpses of his life as a father on social media, Noah’s dedication to his loved ones is apparent.
  3. Philanthropic Efforts: Noah and his band Echosmith have been involved in numerous charitable causes, demonstrating their commitment to using their platform for positive change. Their support of initiatives like the “Love is Louder” movement is inspirational.
  4. Professionalism: Noah’s career is a testament to his professionalism and dedication. He’s navigated the pressures of the music industry while maintaining a positive image, which is no small feat.
  5. Authenticity: Noah’s genuineness, both as an artist and as an individual, resonates with fans. He’s open about his journey and consistently remains true to his musical style, which has helped him build a strong and dedicated fanbase.


Noah Sierota is more than just a rock musician. He’s a dedicated artist, a loving husband and father, and an inspirational figure for many young musicians worldwide. His journey underscores the importance of passion, determination, and staying true to oneself.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Noah Sierota born?

Noah was born on January 1, 1996.

Who are Noah’s siblings?

Noah has three siblings – Sydney, Jamie, and Graham, all of whom are members of Echosmith

What instrument does Noah Sierota play?

Noah is the bassist and backing vocalist for Echosmith.

Who is Noah Sierota married to?

Noah is married to Caroline Dirks.

Does Noah Sierota have children?

Yes, Noah and his wife Caroline have two children.

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